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CICO Six measures to prevent and control The Ebola outbreak

    Since March, Liberia, Guinea, Sierra Leone and Nigeria had occurred Ebola fever outbreak. To ensure that no people in the 180 and Benin project department were infected, CICO paid high attention to take timely six measures in the prevention and control work. It maintained the staff's overall stability, ensured the normal production and business operation.
    One is rapid response and emergency mechanism. Since the outbreak of the Ebola in West Africa, CICO immediately launched 3-level emergency mechanism from conglomerate to overseas companies to project departments, meanwhile established the emergency leading group.
    Two is to strengthen propaganda and dispel doubt. 180 and Benin project departments collected Ebola prevention knowledge to raise ego protection consciousness and maintained a stable staff team through the concentrated preaching.
    Three is to strengthen management and controls of Site leaving. Strict controls of Chinese employees site leaving, especially to avoid crowded places. In case of special circumstances such as leaving out for shopping, they were permitted after wearing long sleeve, gloves.
    Four is purchasing drugs to strictly control and prevent. Every project department purchased a batch of detergent, hand sanitizer, masks, gloves and other protective equipments.
    Five is arranging employees to return home, and avoiding the epidemic area.
    Six is appeasing the employees’ families in positive guidance.

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