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Group Leadership Inspect the 180km project in Liberia

    On 16th March, Chairman Huang Weidong, Party Chief Zhou Fanming and Deputy General Manager Jiang Xueping went to Liberia 180km project to inspect there work and hold a symposium.
    At the meeting, the general manager and project manager Fu Liangquan introduce the current situation of 180km project detailedly from mobilization, the existing schedule, etc.
    The leadership affirmed the work done by the project and approved the work arrangement of the dry season of this year. Chairman Huang Weidong pointed out that the project should faster the step to solving the important and difficult problems, especially to get written confirmation of the design problem, ensure the extension of implementation period and pay attention to controlling costs. He required that the project should strengthen the controlling of the equipment and the knowledge training of the mechanic and equipment management, and to make the equipment managing rules. The project also should pay attention to construction and personal safety and eliminate all kinds of potential safety problems in time, and actively negotiated with supervisor and other parties to strive for early payment. Leadership also hope that the 180km project would increase training and exercise for young people, training a group of young internationalization project implementation and managing key staff.

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